Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Uses Of Fluoropolymers

Let me share to you something that I have found online that you might need in your business. This is about the fluoropolymer products and is now called the fluorotherm. Its uses are for heat exchangers, immersion heating/ cooling coils, extruded tubing & coils.

Fluoropolymers are used in a variety of applications. It increase energy efficiency and reduce potentially harmful air emissions from automobiles by making fuel lines, valves and gaskets leak-proof and resistant to wear. It reduce fire risks in buildings and aircraft through better insulation for cables and wires? It protects firefighters and industrial workers through heat and chemical-resistant fabrics. It also contribute to national security through high-performance defense applications that operate even in extreme environments.

Fluorotherm introduces corrosion resistant load bearing metal rods. These rods may be used to support work in a corrosive environment such as a plating or coating bath, as carrier to transport work in a chemically agressive environment and in numerous other uses. The rigidity of the metal core provides strength that cannot be matched by plastic rods. This is how the use of fluorotherm came up. The complete fluoropolymer encapsulation is distinctly superior to heat shrink tube covering where the wall thickness is too light to sustain reasonable loads or abrasive wear, without tearing or cracking.

With a strong R&D background in fluoropolymers, gained by their keypeople during their employment with DuPont; they have continued to progress toward a wider product range to serve a broad range of applications in diverse markets. For more information on this product, visit the website of

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