Thursday, July 2, 2009

Violin Lovers' Day

Every July 2nd of the year, Violin Lovers Day is celebrated in some part of the world. The violin was traced back to the 9th century in Europe, and it took at least 450 years to develop, but is a great example of the artistry learned over the centuries by people making stringed instruments. In the present age, violins are made of wood with steel strings and have a range of at least three octaves.
Somebody say that violin's origin can possibly be from Asia, but nobody is really sure. They have to withstand the strong downward force of the strings on the bridge - which is about 17lbs (7.7kgs) of pressure.
However, let us celebrate this day by listening to some music played by violin. Or maybe have some romantic dinner in one of your favorite restaurant that plays jazz with violin.

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Denise said...

Beautiful music comes from a violin.