Friday, July 10, 2009

New States To Add

Here are the key holder to add to my collection. Every new places that I go, I always do my best to be able to get a key holder to add to my collection. But it is so sad that we can't find a key holder (that bear the name of its state) on some states. Anyway, my husband told me that we can come back to those states when we move down to Florida soon. So, I was not sad anymore.
I numbered each key holder so that I can explain them better.
1. I bought it from the biggest Flea Market in Tennessee.
2. I bought it from a souvenir station in Georgia.
3. This one is very special. This was handed to me by my husband's aunt, Aunt Sallie-Jean. She knew that I collected key holder and she knew, too, that I was sad that I got nothing from some states.
4. This one is from (NASA) Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, Florida.
5. This one is from a gas station, Marathon, in Kentucky.
The states that I missed are:
1. Ohio
2. Virginia
3. North Carolina
4. South Carolina


Denise said...

Very cool collection.

katherine said...

oh nice collection Grace. Sana NC din kasi taga roon ang hubby ko. hehe

Thanks sa greetings mo kay Tanya.

Just Be Real said...

Great collection Grace. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.