Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remembering "Born Diva"

“Born Diva” was one of my favorite TV show in the category of singing talent search. Dreamers with singing talent all over Philippines took their stake at it with the hope that they will be discovered and will be given a break in the music industry. Of course, there were a bunch of singing talent search TV shows that was on during that time, too, but what made this show different is that they gave physical make-over or cosmetic surgery (to where it is needed such as lip suction, Breast Implants , face lift, nose lift, liposuction, etc.) to the deserving contestants that shows big potential to become a singing star. And it did work successfully. It was such a wonderful story to hear that people who were consider "unattractive" were given the chance to reach their dreams and be known in the very competitive world of music industry through their voice with the help of cosmetic surgery.
Talking about breast implants, let me share to you this site for you to review if you are interested; LookingYourBest.com. This site educates and gives you very helpful information and everything you want to know about breast implants.
God speed on your dreams in life!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

Poem said...

Why do some friends so proud to exchange links?

Poem said...

Human nomor.1 while google No.2