Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mountains! Mountains!

When we were in the house of our Aunt Sallie-Jean in Virginia, I asked my husband; "If Georgia is famous for their Peach, Pecan and Peanut; what is it that Virginia is famous of?" His answer was quick and plain "moutains". Of course, I was dissastisfied because that was not what I want to hear. I was hoping to hear any kind of food.
The following morning, I asked the same question to Aunt Sallie-Jean and I was surprised that I got the same answer, "mountains".
Obviously, Virginia is surrounded with awesome and majestic mountains. And when I saw this scene (picture), I was struck. Why? A childhood memory were flashing back on me. When I was just eight years old, I had a whole bunch of foreign books that my father brought home from a cargo ship office that he used to work in. One of my favorite was the book of the scenic view in the USA. As clear as if it was just yesterday, I knew this was the same scenic view that I have seen on the book that I wished I will be able to see someday in my life. Isn't God is great?


Pietro said...

God is great, indeed.
I enjoy this quiet mountain landscape!

Denise said...

So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dreams do come true.
Enjoy !

Poem said...

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Grampy said...

It is nice when a dream comes true.

Anonymous said...

yeah, god is good! god bless you sis...nice ng picture mo dito