Friday, July 31, 2009

A Site For Retirement Homes

I used to oppose against the idea of putting our elder love-ones in a retirement homes where they are being cared for by the skilled hands. For me it was like being ungrateful to our parents or relatives, knowing that they were taking care of us when we need them, and now, I believe that it should be our turn to take care of them. But after months of staying here in USA, somehow, I fully understand how placing our older love-ones in a retirement home is considered as a good option on both parties. They don’t want to be a burden to everybody, and also… they don’t want to lose their dependence on their selves. I can’t blame them, especially if they have been living dependent to their selves for a long time, which are very common here in USA.
If you need to more about retirement homes , I suggest that you visit the website of This website contains a detailed database of retirement homes across Canada as well as articles, information, links to resources for seniors, posting of special events, open houses and workshops. Their site gives link on each provincial site that will take you to some of National pages. With a database of over 2400 retirement residences in Canada and detailed information on many of them, their goal is to be the most comprehensive source of information about retirement homes and retirement living in Canada.
If you are looking for retirement communities , use their search feature “the right home”, and it will lead you to all cities of Canada and various provinces, most specifically Ontario, BC, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec. They are looking for both seniors and professionals to work with them, and encourage advertisers/companies to become part of their site in providing service to seniors across the country.

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