Saturday, August 15, 2009

Expecting A Letter Soon

On my letter to my mama almost a month ago, I told her not to write me back until she got my first letter from Florida. But lately, it turned out that it will take weeks before we can move due to some circumstances that can’t be avoided. So, I sent offline SMS to my niece the other day to tell my mama to write me back. Therefore, two weeks from now, I will be expecting a letter from my mama in our mailbox. I am always excited to receive her letter, she keeps me updated with what’s going on with our family. I miss my family in the Philippines. I am looking forward to visit them soon.
Talking about mailbox, let me share to you a source where you can find a whole variety style of pretty and unique mailboxes ; Their products are made of high quality materials best recommended both in residential mailboxes and in commercial mailboxes. Having a pretty mailbox that greets on your house’ pathway gives good impression of your home. They have over 2,500 mailbox and curbside d├ęcor products. Whether you are an individual homeowner or represent a 400 unit residential building, they provide and help you find a fully customized mailbox that suited your wish.
I am browsing through their products, and I think I like this one; Mayne Dover Vinyl Mailbox Post. This is perfect solution to our mailpost needs because it features an 8"W base and newspaperholder. Designed to fit todays Small to Medium sized mailboxes, the size of the overall post is 8"W x 56"H x 26.5"D. Visit their website for more pretty designs.


Anne said...

Hello Grace, what a lovely blog you have! Jamie, at "Lord Make Me a Saint" also has some posts about her interest in mailboxes. You may want to look into her archives to find them, I think they were posted in July. You can find her link in my blog roll.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you left inspired in your spiritual life and will visit often!

God bless you!

hpabate said...

Hi Grace, thank you for stopping by my blog this afternoon. It was nice meeting you and your welcome to come back anytime. Have a blessed Sunday.


Denise said...

Nice mailbox.