Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flower Of The Week #9 - Daisy

Being here in USA is a privilege to see all the beautiful flowers that are not available in my country, Philippines. I love flowers very much. My mother does, too. I want to make a photo collection of them starting this day. I will be posting the "Flower of the Week every Friday. These flowers will either be from our garden or from somewhere that I will have PERSONAL ENCOUNTER to... and definitely, they will be from my camera, too.
Daises! Oh, I love daisies!
Daisy, from the family Asteraceae or Compositae (also known as the aster or sunflower family) is the second largest family of flowering plants, in terms of number of species.The name Asteraceae is derived from the type genus Aster, while Compositae, an older but still valid name, means composite and refers to the characteristic inflorescence, a special type of pseudanthium found in only a few other angiosperm families. The study of this family is known as synantherology. Asteraceae are cosmopolitan, but most common in the temperate regions and tropical mountains.

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