Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Do You Want Your Steak?

While my husband and I were in Upper Peninsula for our wedding anniversary celebration, we were both hungry for a good steak from Outback. We were searching at their town directory if they have Outback around, but unfortunately, they didn’t have one. We had decided to drive around the town to look for a good restaurant to dine in, and we find one, The Galley in St. Ignace. We both want our steak in medium-rare way. They served a good steak, and the location was great, it was overlooking the bay, but their service was not very good.
My husband and I both love steak. The best that we had was last New Year’s celebration in one of the most famous restaurant in Saginaw. Talking about steak, it is one of my short term goals; to learn how to make good steak. Undeniably, preparing a good steak definitely depends on the quality of the prime beef . Here are the superior selections of beef that will surely make any dinner special:
*filet mignon steaks
*prime bone-in rib eye steaks
*prime boneless strip steaks
*prime steaks
*steak burger
*wet-aged beef steaks
*gourmet steaks

*dry aged beef steaks
*kobe wagyu steaks
*never frozen steak

Check their website for tips and recipes on steak by clicking on any given anchor text above. Indulge in the very best steak.

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Denise said...

I love my steak well done.