Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The "Third Person" in Totem Villate Museum

Here is a shot with these lovely and respected Indian couple during our visit in the Totem Village Museum in St. Ignace, Upper Peninsula, MI. Do I look like one of them? (He-he-he)
Totem Village Museum is a part museum, part gift shop and a part zoo. It may not seem any different from Curio Fair or Indian Village, themed tourism done by amateurs with a primarily commercial intent. However, if you come inside and explore, it's clear that Totem Village is informed by a sincere spirit that respected Ojibwa life as its founder came to understand it, at a time when very little attention had been paid to Ojibwa culture.
Beyond its paths lead outside, where bobcats, sprightly sika deer, peacocks, thunder foxes, and a porcupine are in large enclosures beneath cedars. My husband had the chance to feed the deers and I was overwhelmed with the sweet and lovely sounds the deer made. They are just so lovely.

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