Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Ready To Learn To Drive

My husband’s doctor used to insist that I should start learning how to drive for emergency purpose. My mom-in-law was concern about me and suggested that I should learn how to drive for emergency purpose. After 14 months of being here, now I can say I am ready to learn how to drive. Also because I realized it will be a lot easier doing it while we are still here in Michigan than when we get to Florida. One of the reason what made up my mind being ready to learn to drive is that because my husband told me that it might be a problem for him getting a new car insurance if they (car insurance provider) learn that I (the wife) don’t have driver’s license yet.
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Anonymous said...

good luck...happy driving...(^_^)

vhingF said...

you need to be....I always told to many that this time everybody must learn how to drive for emergency purposes. Here in my location if you are not driving or don't have a driver's license ...that means you are disabled, idle! hehehe.parang napakababa ng pagkatao mo sa tingin nila. but if they know you're driving or have a car to drive medyo ka level na nila.

Denise said...

I wish you luck sweetie.