Friday, August 21, 2009

Website Monetizing Is Real

Obviously, one of the many things that I am doing here in my blog is monetizing it. I do blog entry, video entry, banner link and just recently, I did text link, too. It is my way of making money for the main time that I can’t work. It is not a scam. I really made real money out of it. Although it takes a lot of work to build up your page ranking, but it is rewarding and a lot of good things happened to me through blogging.
Talking about blog monetizing, let me share to you what I just found, It is a new professional blog about online marketing , digital advertising and website monetizing. The writer of the blog, Tomer Treves, a VP at Infolinks , brought hands the experience from the online world. I really enjoyed reading his every post. They are full of very helpful information and tips about website monetizing and many more. And these words were taken from his blog, have really inspired me and gave me hope that somehow and someday, I will hit it:
“The Internet was born free, has changed our way of life, and should stay pure and free of any capitalist interests… would you please stop? The Internet is a wonderful communication tool and a magnificent source of information, but it has costs. And in the real world, somebody needs to pay the bill. When we find ways to monetize websites, we cover these costs, and by doing so – we help make more information readily available for the human kind. Now, isn’t that a nice thought to wake up with each morning?”

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