Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elevate Your Life With Lowlife

I always love belts of different styles, colors and sizes. It adds beauty to the simplicity of the blue jeans or of the straight cut dress. You can also add fashion belt on your regular shirt or blouse and it will look so elegant. Belt plays important role in making you appear presentable and this is why if you look inside my closet I have a long line of belt organizer hanging on the wall.
I can still recall during my high school days, whatever color of shoes or sandal I was wearing should match the belt and bag. That was cool though, and it doesn't apply in the present time anymore. Current styles is being daring in what you do and how you carry yourself with your clothes impression.
So, I found this "eye-catcher" belt. A multi-color checker studded belt from Lowlife . I think it is cute. is proud to be selected as an official Lowlife Belts supplier. They have a wide selection of EMO and rock inspired Lowlife belt range from the classic triple row studded Lowlife 'Triple S', it's two row brother the Lowlife 'Duel' studded belt and the recently launched Lowlife 'Amor' triangle studded belt. Their styles goes along with today's pop culture and encourage individuals to have a creative independent spirit by wearing what your heart wants. Lowlife belts delivers and electic modern alternative lifestyle that will not really put you out of place in the world of constant changing of fashion.
Hop in to their website now and find your choice.


babYpose said...

Very cool, you have a high taste :)

Cherish Tulips said... belts too!great to wear with tunic gives that slimming effect!however,since my waistline is expanding by the day,i have to put on hold wearing any belt until i pop!

Couture Cookie said...

I love all kinds of belts. Right now I am into wide elastic belts with statement buckles, or studded ones like the one you got. Such a great way to give a final touch to your outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

Very nice.