Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Generate Money On Your Blog

Some of you know that several of my posts are sponsored. Yes, I am blogging for money. I started blogging as a source of voicing out my thoughts, specially my faith to my Savior. But later on, I found an opportunity on making money which is very favorable for me because I can’t legally work yet. (It was before I got my Authorization of Employment Card few weeks ago.)
If you search online, there are many ways on how to monetize your blog. It is sad to say that while some of them are true, there are a whole bunch of them that are scam, and that is why you need to be careful with these sites. I only have one basic principle about this, if they make you pay, then it is SCAM.
Let me share to you this site that I just recently found; YouSayToo.com. It is a site where they teach you on How to Make Money Blogging. One of the ways where you can monetize your blog is through Revenue Sharing. It is not embarrassing to admit that we need money. I do. That is why I generate my money on my blog, and it does not only work, it has really greatly helped me a lot. If you are interested, visit this site by clicking on the highlighted words. You will learn a whole bunch more of very helpful information about monetizing your blog. Have fun!


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Hey there. I'll need to check that out. Everyone can benefit from making a few extra bucks just buy blogging. Thanks!

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Thank you for the informative post.

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