Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Visit At The Castle

September 3, 2009, we went to the SSN office in Saginaw (MI) for my SSN ID change name. We have been there for several times already and we did not noticed that across the street there was the "Castle Museum". So, right after our business in the SSN office, we went to the "Castle Museum". We were so glad we went there to see all the splendor it displays inside. This museum is really awesome. It gave us the opportunity to feel the thrill in living in a castle.
In 1890, the Federal government decided to design all Federal buildings to reflect the heritage of the communities in which they were located. A post office in Saginaw, Michigan was the first building in the United States to be constructed in accordance under these guidelines. According to its architect, William Aitken, the post office at Saginaw is accordingly French in style, the corner towers being suggestive of the defensive features of frontier life, while the carving of the pinnacles and finials was suggested by the fauna and flora of the neighborhood.
Carl Macomber, a local architect, was commissioned to enlarge and update the building. The original chateau architecture was maintained during the extensive renovation in 1937 but there were changes. A major tower, including a circular staircase, was sealed off. A new lobby and a new stairway room have been reopened.
In 1972, concerned citizens again, led by the Historical Society of Saginaw County took action to place the building on the National Register of Historic Places.


Denise said...

That looks really nice.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Good for you, taking the time to notice and explore a site of interest right nearby! So many times, people live in an area for years and neglect to explore all it has to offer. Sounds like you made a cool discovery.