Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Live Your Lifestyle

I am very excited to live in our “love nest”. I am packing our clothes right now. The days that remains for us in staying here in Michigan is getting fewer. After 14 months of our marriage, at last, we will be on our own. Although it is not really our dream house, but both of us understood that we have to start living in an apartment, then eventually, as the years will go by, God will bless us with our dream luxury house.
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Denise said...

Wow, really nice.

Theta Mom said...

Awesome! Good for you! Best of luck!

optimistic dora said...

wow,is dis ur new house ate grace? very beautiful! i wish i could also give my parents a house lyk dis...

Luxury Toronto Homes said...

Wow, what a beautiful 'love nest'. I want one myself!!! It's impressive what architects can do these days. The pure beauty of their creations astonishes me sometimes. Beautiful house, I am genuinely jealous of it :)

Take care and enjoy, Elli