Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get Computer Protection

My husband and I went to the local SSN office in Caro for my SSN ID follow-up a couple of days ago. Sad to say that we didn't made it. We didn't know that their service stops at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I blamed myself. Why? Because when we're just about to leave, I checked my email and found something that I need to take care right away, and thus, made me stay for 30 minutes more on the computer. I thought it would only take 10 minutes, but unexpected computer problem came up, and I decided to give up so that we can proceed to our appointment. It was such a mess that we missed the office, and come to think of it that they only serve in that local office on every first and third Thursday of the month.
So, when we get back to the house, my husband then looked through the computer and found out the virus that caused the problem. Obviously, the computer is not protected. (Remember, we are here in our cousin's house.) Somehow, I was scared because I was the one who were using the computer and most likely, the virus was my fault.
My husband knows a lot about computer. I am so thankful for that. He knows where to go to get help for virus removal. He did and it did not took him very long to have the virus removed. And he also had it installed with virus protection . I am so relieved. I thought I will not be able to use the computer until we get home.
If you have the same problem or similar to this, I suggest that you go to Even if you don't have any computer problem, to have your computer protected is safer than facing future burdensome problem, plus the possibility of losing all your files. Now, nobody wants it.


Raft3r said...

nakaka-relate ako masyado sa post na ire
weird ano?
it's kinda personal
pero when i read this napangiti talaga ako
thanks, grace

btw, sa tagal na nating dalawang nagdadalawan NGAYON pa lang kita na-link

hope you return the favor
and see you around

happy weekend!

Denise said...

So true.

Couture Cookie said...

I'm glad your husband could fix it! I subscribe to a full virus protection program with regular updates and I also back up all my stuff on a remote server.... you never know.