Monday, September 21, 2009

Kitty Massage

Charleen and Jim were home this morning from California, so that means we are home now, too. I am happy to be home so that I can resume the things that I usually do, and especially the things about blogging.
Well, we had fun doing the "cat-sit" and "dog-sit". They were such adorable and nice pet. We already miss them. It was so cold in their place that I really had hard time leaving the bed and while my husband was addicted in playing tennis with the Wii.
Snickers is a lovable cat. It doesn't take very long for him to like me. During the first night that I was on bed, he joined me and did something that I thought was strange. Although we have a cat here in our house, but I don't see him very often because he is locked up in the room of the owner which is my husband's nephew. When my husband later joined me in bed, I told him about what Snickers did and he told me that it was a kitty massage. Wow! That was so cool!
Well, what the cat did was gently pushing his two front leg to your body, (left and right and left and right...) and it really felt like a massage that I wished I could ask him to do it on my back. :) So, I told Charleen about it and she said that Snickers must have like me because he only did that to somebody he likes and comfortable with. What an honor to be liked by a cat and received a free and special kitty massage. I miss you Snickers, and I miss your kitty massage on me. :)


Hada Saltarina said...

How cute! We love cats!

Cherish Tulips said...

My cat,Tom also does that...they said it reminds them when they were little kittens..they would do it to their mother..

Denise said...

Ilove cats.