Saturday, September 12, 2009

Help Your Child Stars Manage Their Success

It always fascinates me to see young children showing their great performance in acting. It is just so amazing that they were born with natural talents. Obviously, to most cases, some current great actresses and actors started acting in their very early lives.
This reminds me of my niece when she was just four years old, a beauty/talent scout spotted her and told her to enroll in a school of arts. She did, they were taught ballet dancing and as promised, they appeared on local TV show.
As parents, they always know that their kids possessed star-potential quality/qualities. I believe that in allowing their kids for this kind of activities is a good headstart. Naturally talented children excels in their performance if they start out at young age.
There are many ways to start; be a star by joining Kid Photo Contest , enroll in a step-by-step children acting program designed to give you the tools you need to develop your child’s career.
When the kids acting activities became very busy and demanding, her education should not be suffered. Home School Curriculum is very helpful for their future sake, because no matter how popular they will get, education must still be attained. In the end, it is the education that matters. As a quote goes; "With success comes responsibility. Help your child stars manage their success."


Denise said...

Thanks for the information.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice post sis, tama sis dapat din suportahan ang mga bata sa hilig nila..if dun sila mag e-excel pero tama din na dapat di pabayaan ang education nila ^_^ dapat talagang laging priority yan ^_^

Anonymous said...

nice review sis, and good luck

Rossel said...

this is nice. ako stage-mother,ehehe.pag may activities anak ko all out support ako lalo na sa mga hilig nya talaga.

this is topics on earth's new domain
kindly update your list.

thanks and have a great week grace!

scart said...

hello, i want my 1st-grader too to have some extra activities. I once ask to enroll my lil girl in school arts kasi may potential daw pero naghahanap ako kung saan mura. This is a grea review by the way :)