Friday, September 25, 2009

We All Need To Be Loved And Be In Love

According to 50% of all marriage in the USA ends in divorce. That is a sad fact. One statistics says that the divorce rate in USA dropped its rating starting 2002. Now, that is the good news. I am praying and hoping that this statistics will continue to show the decreasing of the divorce rate in USA year after year. gave the list of the most common reasons of divorce and one of them is the addiction of any form; such as drugs, gambling and prescription medicine. I understand that. Nobody would want to be with someone who is into addiction because it indicates that they love their selves far more than they love their spouse. But of course, we need to give chance to those who ask for it with a humble heart, and help them recover, too.
I used to wonder what kind of life they have to those who were already forsaken? I believe it is hard for them because the damage done is greater than if they were given the chance to recover rather than being forsaken. Another thing is, it is much harder for them to get into safe and decent relationship again because the society that surrounds them has the tendency to avoid them. But I have the good news again, is the first dating website dedicated to helping sober people in recovery stage find sober relationships. This online dating service is safe and can help you find friends (both men and women) on serious recovery stage in no time at all through their recovery personals, sober personals and site features.
If you think you or somebody you know that might need this website, please don’t hesitate to visit or share this RecoveryDate to them. Let us show that we care for them. Just as much as we do, they, too, need to be loved and be in love.



Denise said...

Yes, we all need love.

SJ said...

yea it's good to help one another. love is gracious.

From me to you, suejean =)

Andrea said...


I have an urgent prayer request on arise 2 write.

Debbie said...

Absolutely! And I also hope that divorce rate continues to drop.