Friday, November 20, 2009

Customized Visa Card

30 days to go for Christmas! Wow! How did the days flew so fast? It means it is about time that we make a list of gifts for our family and friends. I wish I can have job very soon so that I can buy all of you a Christmas gifts. (He-he-he)
My husband’s way of giving gifts to the older ones is through giving them gift card and I just come across this cool and unique gifts for holidays from “O”, The Oprah Magazine, it is a customized visa gift card for holidays from It is the first ever “Design-Your-Own” custom photo visa gift card with the price starting at only $5.95. This website lets you use your own photo to create customized visa cards.
This sure will do as a wonderful gift to our family members and friends. Giving gift cards is a practical way for this hard economy we are facing now, in such, they can use the card however they want, either for groceries, gas or everyday essentials.
A little tip: Use this promo code “pumpkin” on your order and you will receive a $2/card discount. Hurry. Offers expire on November 25th.

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