Monday, November 2, 2009

Female Version Of St. Patty For Costume

How was your Halloween party? Who were you? My friends dress up as sailor, chamber maid, super hero, southern belle; and their kids were dress up as bees, pea pod, fairies. They were so cute. I didn’t go. If I did, I would have like to wear this costume that I found online, this is the female version of St. Patty. I think it is cute. I found this costume in They have a wide variety selection of sexy costumes and some costumes that are not so common. I like this site, it is not just a site for online shopping of costumes, it also gives cool information and tips that I found very interesting to read.
Well, Halloween in this year is over. I have been to my friend’s site that blogs about the event and how they enjoyed it. They post nice pictures, too. But costume party doesn’t stop there. Most children’s birthday parties are requiring to wear costumes, too. If you miss to find your choice of costume this year, you might be able to find it now in Never say it is too late to buy costumes. Costume parties happen a lot of times in a year. It is just being smart to be ready anytime.