Monday, November 2, 2009

Job Hunting

One of the many reasons why we move here in Florida is the fact that there are better chance of getting job here than over there in Michigan. Lately, I spent most of my time on looking for part-time/full time job both in the paper and online. I know the fact that hundreds of people here in Florida are looking for job, too, but that doesn't discouraged me. I always believe that diligent seeking will be rewarded.
Diligent seeking includes asking around for sources. I am asking a little favor here. I need some tips and lead on where and how to find job here in Florida. I am a little impatient here because I am looking forward to be able to save enough money for Philippine trip early next year. (If God is willing.)
Any input will be very helpful and will be greatly appreciated.


Denise said...

Praying for you.

Dhemz said...

good luck sure makahanap ka rin anytime soon....:)

btw, ask unta ko ug favor....if ever may time ka sis...hope you can help us Vote for Akesha....your help is very much appreciated!