Tuesday, November 24, 2009

House Decorating Can Sometimes Be Overwhelming

I have always wished to have this kind of wall clock. We have a wall clock here that Mary gave to us. It is similar to this, only metal and without the other features. I always like it made of wood so that it would appear like antique. I hope we can get something like this in the future. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming furnishing or decorating our new house, but we have to arrange them into prioritization.
For high standard and good quality wall clocks, 1-800-4clocks.com always fascinates me. Their collections of wall clocks of any kind including grandfather clocks are outstanding. The image shown is a Howard Miller Lawyer II wall clock . This is my husband’s choice. He likes this one because it features a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, and seconds track. Very cool, huh? This would be perfect in our hallway.
In speaking of clock, there is one post from their blog which titled “Grandfather Clocks Antique or Not” that really inspires me as a brand new homemaker. It talks about the eagerness to put antique stuff in the house, especially Grandfather Clock. I can relate to the story because it is exactly my situation right now. But I believe that having this wall clock is not only beautifying our home, it is also helps with time, temperature and all the rest of the features. Find your choice of wall clock from their site, too.

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