Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Go Paintballing

The hardest part for my husband in leaving Michigan was leaving his son, but after a month of staying here, I see right now that it is not too bad for him, and besides, they are regularly talking on the phone. His son’s birthday will be on 29th of this month. My husband is planning to have his son come over on Christmas vacation. That will be their chance of bonding together again.
Talking about their bonding, my husband always wanted to participate in paintballing. That sounds cool. Maybe all three of us can do that. He was looking online on where to purchase the weapon, and found bt paintball guns and some other top selling guns in Their prices of bt paintball are amazingly low and they ship for free. I am looking forward to this with excitement. If you are interesting in paintballing, visit their website for your needs.