Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Do I have to introduce to you these little guys? I believe you all know who they are. Yes, they are the classic and ever popular Raggedy Ann & Andy. They are two of my first new housemates here in Florida, because my doll and stuffed animal collection that I had in Michigan was left there, and sad to say, they will have to stay there until Dad and Mom will come down here on next year.
They originally belong to my late-friend in Ohio, Beth. (Oh, I miss her.) Her husband was moving to Indiana and was giving away all her stuff to Goodwill. Coincidentally, I was there few days before he have to move out, and he told me that I can have anything I want from my friend's stuff. Two of the bagful of stuff that I got are these cutie pie little fella, Raggedy Ann & Andy. Beth's husband, Scott, told me that these rag dolls are original. He showed me the embroidery on each of their chest as a symbol of originality. They even told me that these would cost good money if you sell them. Of course, I am not interested to sell them.
The moment I held them, I fell in love with them right away. I feel like they were sad that their original owner who loved them so dearly left them, and that they will be in a stranger's home soon. Almost, but not anymore. I brought them home with me. I am sure that my dear friend is happy that I have them instead of somebody else can have them, and they are happy as well, because their original owner and I were dear friends. And I believe that they feel loved and home right here with me.

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