Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tough Camera Bag

I was in Walmart yesterday and took a store flier from them. When I get home, I checked what the deals are on this month and I found out that there is a Samsung camera in a very good price. I have been waiting for a good deal of camera because I want to purchase one and give to my nephew who really loves photography. This could be my Christmas gift for him. Well, I think I have enough money on my bank to purchase this camera. The camera does not include bag. I don’t mind so much because the price itself is already very cheap. So, I will just need to look for camera bag, strong enough to carry around.
Good thing is that it did not take me so long to find good quality camera bags on the internet. The image shown is a camera bags that I like so much and I think this is the best camera bag I have ever seen. It is made of durable material and really looks so tough that it will serve its duty to keep the camera safe inside wherever you go. Whoever created this must be very smart. I believe that this camera bag can be turn to sling bag, too. But actually, the site where this product came from also have sling camera bag. I just can’t keep my mind off this very cute yet sturdy looking camera bag. Maybe I will buy two of this; one for myself and one for my nephew.


Denise said...

Very nice.

dodong flores said...

I'm presently using an original Canon sling bag for my photography equipment. But since I already bike everyday, I think it's high time I would need a back pack bag for my camera and its accessories...