Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fish & Clams

It has been awhile that I really want to eat fried fish and clams. Since lately that I have been homesick, I had to make myself comfortable by eating what I want, doing what I want and going where I want.
This day, I asked my husband to take me to the fish market at Cape Canaveral and we bought this fish and clams. I can't believe we spent $20 for just one fish, but I am sure it will be worth it. My husband never had clams and he is not too fond of fish, too.
The dinner was served, he was surprised thatboth fish and the clams doesn't taste as he thought, and he really like them very much. I am glad that he does. It really feels good when you share somebody you like to somebody who is dear to you. We had a very good dinner and we thank God for that.

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