Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Need Website Translation?

Have you ever been to other blogs that used different language? Their article look so interesting but you become frustrated because you can’t understand the language. Well, be glad now because here is Translia.com, it is an innovative translation service platform. Its unique collaborative translation technologies enables hundreds and even thousands of translators to work together for delivering translations in a manner better and quicker than ever before. Wow! That is so cool.
I have a blogger friend that is using Latin. She suggested that I clicked on the translation given, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well. I feel so frustrated because I really want to read what she was posting on her blog. But with this translation service that I mentioned a while ago, they assures timely delivery and they guarantee 100% client satisfaction.
They offer free translator on this website that I mentioned awhile ago. There is no minimum word count or minimum charge limit. That means clients can translate as many as million words or as less as one word or a sentence, saying a name, brand, business card.
Good news to montetizing bloggers: you can earn translation money even you're not a translator - just join Translia Affiliate program and you can receive 10% of referred sales as commission. Easy money, huh?

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