Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Am Homesick!

The very thing that I feared had arrived a week ago... to be homesick. I hate this feeling. It always attacks at the moment that I lay down on bed. I started thinking of my family and friends in the Philippines, then I cried. I started to wonder if I will ever be in my country again. This is not easy for me. I kept this from my husband because I didn't want him to know, then, I realized I should tell him about this.
Here are some tips that I found on the internet about overcoming homesickness:
*Remember to get enough food and sleep. Proper rest and nutrition are important to emotional as well as physical well-being
* Overcoming homesickness is a gradual process for most. Give yourself time to adjust, it won't happen overnight!

*Acknowledge that you are feeling homesick. It is a very natural and common response for individual who leave home.
*Talk to someone. If you have not yet made friends here, then set up an appointment time to meet with friends.
*Keep in touch with people at home and fix a time to go back but place a limit on telephone usage. Tell or write to them about your activities and experiences.
*Plan a date to go home and make arrangements. This helps to curtail impulsive home visits and helps ease the adjustments process.
*Put up some photos of home, family and friends on your bulletin board.
*Establish a routine as soon as possible. The fuller your days are, the less time you will have to feel homesick or lonely.
*Make contacts and friends through shared activities such as sport or other interests. There are so many clubs within the city, that you are very likely to find something that suits your particular interests.

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