Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top 10 Entrecards Dropper- November '09

Ouchh! I apologize for posting this very late AGAIN. How did I missed this again? It just came to my mind that I missed posting this and it is already the 8th of December now. My Gosh! I was really so shocked to realized that I am 7 days late on this. Blame it on my crocheting.
Anyway, here is my post of expressing my sincere gratitude to all my EC droppers again, especially these top 10 Entrecard droppers of the month of November '09. I give the credit to them on making me stay on where I am. I acknowledge that you contributed very much on why I am still here. I appreciate your dropping very much. I also wants to thank even to those who are not in the list. I know who you are. Let's keep dropping!

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