Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Window Blinds For Our Next Project

On my past post, I was talking about obsession in house decorating as a new home owner. As the homemaker, it is very difficult for me to put aside house decorating, especially if I can see something beautiful for our house at a very reasonable price. Indeed, house decorating can be so overwhelming. But I told my husband that how our house will look like will reflect on my personality. I am the housewife, and it is my duty to make our house beautiful.
One of our next projects for our house is to buy window blinds. My husband’s choice of house decorating motif is something with a touch of Asian, because obviously, he loves Asian. He wouldn’t have married me if he didn’t. J And that is why he likes this wood blinds . The image shown is Hunter Douglas Country Woods blinds. It would look perfect on our living room with our bamboo indoor plant. This is made of fine quality wood finish. I found this blind from They have a wide selection of colors, details, specs and designs on blinds. Their prices are unbelievably low compare to the famous stores and some online stores. They offer free ground shipping, too. If you are planning to buy window blinds, I suggest that you visit their site first and compare the prices.

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