Friday, January 22, 2010

Investment Talk

My mom-in-law is working in a hospital and is considering retiring soon, while my dad-in-law has been retiring long time ago. I understand that it is very common that we get concern of our future if we start to think about retirement. To most of us, we want to picture ourselves enjoying our old age without worrying about money. Dad and mom were talking about investment. I agree with them when they said that it is never too early to talk about our old age. There are ways to enjoy retirement if you know what to do. Normally, having regular job does not guarantee to take us to our dream vacation. We want to see ourselves in a nice place, enjoying the food, sight and accommodation. That is something common between my husband and I. We both love to see new places, try new fine dining and fine accommodation. Smart investment is one good way to materialize this dream.

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