Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oopps, I Did It Again

It was first day of the year, my husband and I were doing our daily devotion. At the end of our reading, we started talking about what we look forward on this new year. There are things that we want to do, we want to improve and we want to eliminate. We note them down, with the determination to accomplish them. We agreed to review our list every first day of the month and encourage one another to fulfill them.

One of the things that are on my list (and I considered important) was about my sleeping habit. I wanted to wake up earlier than what I am usually doing, and to sleep earlier than what I am usually doing. I am very serious about it, but it is really hard for me to sleep early because I always want to be able to accomplish many things as possible before calling it "day's end".

Now, I am looking at the wall clock ... it is almost 2:00 o'clock in the morning. Ooopps, I did it again! This is really frustrating. I hope somebody can give me tips or help on how I can change myself about this problem. It is a cycle problem. If I sleep late, I have to wake up late to provide my body the "8 hours" it needs (or I can't function well for the day). Therefore, I have to wake up late. Then, I have to sleep late again, to be able to accomplish as much as possible to my own satisfaction. (Sigh!) Am I sick?

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Anonymous said...

Alarm - one of the best method.
8pm And stop working.

Denise said...

You must get on some kind of schedule sweetie.


Oh Grace I feel for you ~!!
I do that'' on the mind thing''
too in the middle of the night...

A friend of mine said 'before' going to bed
plan out your next days activities and
WRITE a list of what you want to accomplish -
that way you won't have to sort through
'' your mind''
all night
trying to plan your day..
**I also lay there with my eyes closed and do deep breathing
-- in through the nose and out through the mouth --for as long as I can before ''falling back to sleep''
it works most of the time for me(:)
Warm milk will help too ~
Good luck -
relax and enjoy that soft, warm bed(:)

ceuceusovi said...

I can not give you some advise cause I have the same problem.. :)

Susan said...

You may need to 'reset' your body clock, Grace. Don't try going to bed earlier. Try progressively going to bed later, then progressively sleeping later, until you get into the schedule you want. Anchor your bedtime/wake time there by repeatedly going to bed at the same hour once you know what hour you want to wake up. This way your body will not be shocked into a new routine but will get used to it gradually.


Pietro said...

Grace, I can't give you any advice because sometimes I go to sleep late and get up early or I go to sleep early and get up late and so on, that's to say: all the possible combinations of "early" and "late"! :-)
Happy weekend!

angga chen said...


Cheryl said...

I certainly understand your dilemna as I am just the same way with my sleeping patterns! I stay up very late and end up sleeping way too late in the morning. However I find if I take a quick nap in the afternoon after I have been out walking it really helps.