Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's My Day Off

Whew! I was working six days in a row. I am glad to have a day off from work today. Oh, I know. I did not mention in my previous post that I got a job already… opps, not a job, but two jobs. Yes. I thank God very much for these blessings. Well, both of them are only part time jobs, and I don’t have to work in one job or the other every day, that is why I can have both of them. The first job I got is hotel housekeeping and the other one is a school cafeteria help. Both of them required tremendous energy and motivation, which I am prepared to do so.
Since I don’t have to work today, I spent my day in cleaning our house, preparing to make a handmade greeting card, while listening to my mp3 player. It is a good way of relaxing both my mind and body. Music is good for the soul, as they say.
If you are curious where to find good songs to download for your mp3 player, here is Mp3 Hunting that I am positive that you will enjoy with all the latest songs that are available in there. Enjoy and have a relaxing day to everyone.


Denise said...

Hello sweetie, praying you are doing well.

ME said...

wow.. congratulation sis.. buti ka pa working ... ako naman naku napapagod n yata sa kaaaply... Im ok. sis...d natuloy...hehehhehe...long story..

T. Anne said...

I'm glad to hear how God is blessing you. Congrats on the jobs!!

Susan said...

Hi Grace :) That's good news about your jobs! God is good. Thank you so much for your feedback about my new video. It is something I am hoping to get better at doing - lol!

Have a lovely day!

Nortehanon said...

Pareho tayo, ako madalas working for six days in a row.

Ingat po lagi at God bless!

Peter said...

My mom started with teaching lesson plans to other teachers, she gets a sort of moratorium for that and eventually, with divine mercy, she was able to build a network of tutors and instructors. God Bless on the job.