Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Time Is Tee Time

Being here in Florida, these past few weeks’ news were talking a lot about the big figure in the golf sport, Tiger Woods. I am a big fan on him, and I hope that he can soon bring his life back to whole again. I started to become interested with the sports golf during the peak of Tiger Woods’ success. Golf, according to others, is considered the most expensive sports because of all the expense that goes with it; one example is the golf shoes which were reported to be very expensive. The golf's increased popularity was attributed to Woods' presence. He was credited for dramatically increasing prize money in golf, generating interest in new audiences as the first person of African American descent to win the Masters, and for drawing the largest TV audiences in golf history.
After the ever-long winter we are experiencing here in Florida, my husband is looking forward for an interesting springtime Myrtle Beach Golf vacation. He thought that golfing would be a good idea. It is a good way of family bonding together, and at the same time, introducing this sport to the new generation in our family.
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