Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Physically Ready

A week ago, I bought a pair of rubber shoes for my Zumba Class. A member in our church offered to give us free Zumba class on every Monday and Friday afternoon. This is very favorable on my side, because I needed to be getting physically ready for my job.
Zumba class is fun. Many church-goers joins and we were just having fun dancing, while at the same time, burning calories, learning to move around faster and beating off the depression. We always have an hour session of Zumba, and by the end of the class, everybody just felt great.
The part that I like is that it made me sweat a lot, learned how to dance and it increases my mobility which is very important for my job. My husband was early in picking me up this afternoon, we were still dancing when he came, so he had decided to join us. He enjoyed it very much. He used to be a dancer when he was younger. Well, he still dance now. :)


Denise said...

Sounds like fun.

Secondary Roads said...

Nice shoes. That sounds like fun that leads to fitness. We do that at our church too.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

wow, iyan ni grant hill..nag model si grant hill ng shoes na Fila..matagal na rin...ewan kung hanggang ngayon..

Clarissa said...

I bet you had so much fun dear!!

Pietro said...

Grace, dancing is good to get phisically ready indeed. And it's very pleasant too.
About Sanremo Music Festival (which was Eurovision broadcasted), it's a pity this year there was not the famous fresh flowers decoration on the stage: I hope next year the decoration will be there again!

Anonymous said...

That is indeed an important task.
I wish to watch dance. Possible?

Friendzworld said...


nice to be hear once again....
i am fine.....sounds like u have a great fun

Tina said...

how cool is that that your husband joined in on the fun too. and your getting fit at the same time. bonus!

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