Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time For A Change

“What happened to me?” I asked my husband. I am worried. Every after we have our dinner, I have the urge to eat chocolate ice cream. I was trying to hold it, but it made me feel uncomfortable that I have to give in as not to make myself feel miserable. I know this is not good for me because I noticed that it made me having difficulties waking up in the morning. I got to do something to stop this. I tried having cookies and hot tea this night. I think it is better than the chocolate ice cream. I don’t mean to say they are bad, but as of my case, which I don’t go out very often because of the cold weather outside, I needed to be watchful in what I am eating.
I’m not afraid that I could get bigger though. I have been small-built all my life, and I think I want to experience how it is to have bigger body. Time for a change, as they say.My husband didn’t mind it if I became bigger. He assured me of that. Well, let’s see. The only thing that will be a problem is that I will need to buy women's large clothing . Well, I guess it is time to do some shopping. I do most of my shopping online. What about this one? I love blue, and it is my husband's favorite color, too. This is from Their styles are fashionable and tricky to find.


Shayla said...

Hi Grace!!!

thank you SO much for stopping by my blog :)

That shirt is cute, I love the shade of blue it is :)

I say go for the chocolate Ice cream!!!!!!!! forget about the rest sista :D

Denise said...

Very lovely.