Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cleanliness - A Habit For Lifetime

When it comes to driving a car, I am really happy of how my husband handles it. He is really very careful and takes full attention on the road. There was one time that after we took off from the car, I said to him; “I like you.” He was laughing. He thought I was playing around. He didn’t know what I had in mind and I didn’t bother to explain it to him. But above all, I always pray to God for my husband’s safety on the road. That is really very important, because we don’t own our life.
Well, he got flaws, too. It has been awhile since the last time our car had a wash. My husband hates doing it. He keeps saying that he will take it to the car wash, but he often put the thought aside. Having a clean car inside and outside reflects the personality of the owner. And not just that… it also contribute to the car’s durability. I suggested a better way to my husband regarding the car washing. Why don’t we purchase a pressure washer? In that way, I can do the cleaning myself.
Talking about car cleaning, Nilfisk pressure washers comes on our way. Their pressure washers are supplied with four meters of high pressure hose and an adjustable lance nozzle for fan or an open jet water pattern, this pressure washer has a working pump pressure of 80 bar (1160psi) with a maximum pump pressure of 100 bar (1450psi). Delivering a powerful six litres per minute (360 litres/hour), the unit is fitted with a Total Stop Valve that automatically starts and stops the motor each time the trigger is operated so increasing the life of the motor. These can be find in They also have Nilfisk electric pressure washers which are ideal for all-around use, especially around the house.
Cleanliness is one effective way to make anything last. Let us make cleanliness a habit for a lifetime.

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