Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Glazes As An After Work Hobby

I love engaging myself in some hobby after work. It is my way of de-stressing and relaxing. I have observed that if I don’t do anything after work, it made me feel tired and worn out, whereas, if I do something that I love to do, only to occupy my mind, it can be a good way to mellow down from several hours working.
I love doing crafts. I love doing something that I haven’t tried yet. I have so many things on my list that I want to do, and I just realize that I should add to it the art of making glazes. It could be a lovely decoration to our home, and can be perfect for gift-giving.
AMACO/Brent is a supplier of high quality lead free glaze formulation with 586 colors. Glaze making is ideal for hobbies, educational and business purposes. It is great for kids to enhance their creativity while they are very young; as well as to moms who is looking for ideas either for business or hobbies. They formulate and manufacture "AP" lead free non-toxic glazes intended for school use in grades K-12. Over a dozen glaze series plus several specialty glazes and texturizers with firing temperatures between Cone 04 and cone 06 glazes are available.

Their products such as pottery needs,
cone 10 glazes , chalks, dipping glazes and many more are lead free, with variety colors to choose from intense hues to pastel tones. Kilns are also available in their website. .Does this sound interesting to you? AMACO/Brent has supplies such as Potter's Wheels, Clay Extruders, Slab Rollers and equipments. This is great idea for community project as well. To have something to be busy with keeps us healthy.