Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fishing Moment

There are days that my husband and I went to fishing after I got home from work. I love it. It is very relaxing. Plus, I got the chance to bring home some fish for our dinner. This picture was taken during the last time I went with my husband to fish. I got a catch. It was so exciting everytime a fish took my bait. Some of the fish were undersize that we have to throw them back to the water, while some were perfect that we took them home to fry.
I guess I will not be going with them anymore. I was not supposed to fish because I didn't have the license yet. I have to wait 4 months more to be able to buy a resident fishing license, or else I could buy a temporary fishing license which cost the same compare to the whole year resident fishing license... or else, I will be in trouble if some inspector will happen to check on me. Come 4 months, then, I will be able to buy the whole year resident license, and I will be able to go back fishing.
If that time will come, I would like to record that activity. I might want to make a film about Florida life. And talking about filming, I will then need film licensing . Did I hear somebody murmur, "another license"? Well, this is city living. Everything should be legal and in proper accord.


Mike Golch said...

It seems like forever since I went fishing.I hate that I have to buy a license just to have the priveledge to sit by a river and lake all day and not catch nothing.

Denise said...

I love to fish.