Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weather And Your Lifestyle

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of AccuWeather. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the past few weeks, the weather had been shifting a lot here in Florida, three to four days cold followed by one to two days warm. A lot of people here said that so far, this has been the longest winter in Florida. The government worries about the orange orchard, because the excessive cold weather brought serious negative effect on their business. It might be possible that this year they will be producing poor quality of oranges which would be a sad fact.

It has been a while that my husband had wanted both of us to spend a whole day in the beach. There has never been a good time for us to do it. The weather had always prevented us to do so. Plus, there has always been hurricane alert around our place lately. We were always hoping for that perfect day to come so that we can go to the beach.

My husband’s mini vegetable garden is not doing great. The tomatoes are growing slowly. The green onions seem stagnant. And the pepper looks like dying. The only one that looks healthy is the radish. We hope that it will be sunny soon, and maybe there will be chance for all of them to be revived. The cold weather did it.

All these problems are the causes of the instability of our weather here in Florida. But here is a help that people can surely take advantage with. AccuWeather has redesigned their website and made it easier than ever for users by displaying more relevant information grouped conveniently together at a higher level. It displays a variety of 5-day forecasts for key weather parameters that allow people to plan for the weekend, gardening, recreation, travel and even for pleasure. They had intentionally reduced the clutter throughout the site, placed on larger displays and a new tabbed navigation for more choices that it ever had at the audience’s fingertips.

This new site has includes lifestyle areas in four categories, and they are “Weather and Health”, “Weather and Travel”, “Weather and Home and Garden” and “Weather and Outdoor Activity”. In this way, it will be easier to follow the weather forecast in accordance to your kind of activities that you want to connect it with. Visit their website to be informed about weather in relation to your lifestyle.
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Tomatoes & peppers thrive in warm weather. Radishes love the cool weather.