Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chocolate Cheesecake Day

I was checking at my calendar of events to see what it is to celebrate today and I found out that today, March 6th, is a Chocolate Cheesecake Day. It doesn't say how this was founded and who did. Maybe it will be safer if we say that perhaps, it was a baker who decided to celebrate a Chocolate Cheesecake Day. Well, chocolate lovers, this is our day!
Maybe this can be a good excuse that we bake a chocolate cheesecake and have a wonderful moment with our hubby while eating the chocolate cheesecake and watching movies. Myhusband and I did this last New Year's Day. It was one of the moment that I cherished so much.
Or it could be a sweet way to bond with your children, sisters/brothers or friends. Make a layer of Chocolate Cheesecake and share that yummy moment with them while having a chit-chat or play your favorite board game. I am pretty sure that they will love you back as you gave love to them in this way. Enjoy your Chocolate Cheesecake today.


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Anonymous said...

Yeay for Chocolate Cheesecake Day! Is tomorrow Fudge Brownie Day? :)

Susan said...

What a lovely thought to share a special cheesecake with loved ones for no particular reason. I hope you have another special day, Grace!