Sunday, March 7, 2010

Florida Renaissance Festival

Spring is the season where Florida is full-packed with people from all over the world. I was told that people from north come down here in Florida to escape the brutality of the winter. I can’t blame them. I lived in Michigan for almost two years and I really pleaded to my husband that we moved down here in the sunshine city. Deerfield Beach, Florida is celebrating its 18 years of Florida Renaissance Festival during the weekends of February 13th through March 14th and that is one of the big events that tourist are looking forward to witness.

Talking about Renaissance Festival, you may want to join this festival and is wondering where you can get the best and renaissance clothing , armor, swords and weapons replicas . Here is the help that I can share to you, visit the site of, where you can find the stuff that you need for this Renaissance Festival. They guarantee to bring your fantasy to life with their complete line of renaissance costumes and authentic replicas that are historically accurate.

It would be so nice to be a part of this festival and to wear historical clothing. If I could, I would like to wear this one that is in the picture. This full courtly black velvet gown with a rich brocade front and sleeves is what is popularly called the Queen Anne’s gown. The slashed half sleeves and borders are accented with a silver trim. Queen Anne became the queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on March 8, 1702. During her reign, her life was marked by many crisis both personally and relating to succession of the Crown and religious polarization. Her image displayed as one of the most beautiful faces both in art and in history. She has always been my favorite picture.

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