Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roberta & Rikki

Let me introduce to you my new house companion, Roberta... well, I have to admit that at first I call her(him) Robert, because she(he) looks so sturdy and firm. My husband brought it home for me about a couple of months ago. I am so happy to have her(him) around.
Then, a couple of weeks later, I found Rikki, lonely and unwanted. I bought him home and gave him to Robert, who then became Roberta.
Roberta then, adopted Rikki as her own baby. Color doesn't matter as long as they need each other and felt belonged to each other. From now on, Rikki will not be lonely anymore. They are now inseparable and obviously joyful to be with each other.
Please excuse my fantasy. This is just me. I always treated my stuffed animals as a part of the household, even back when I was still in the Philippines. I think it is the thing with being the youngest child... and having no kid around (yet).

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Denise said...

Such a sweet post.