Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday - God Is Our Sufficiency

I miss posting my Thankful Thursday last week because our connection was not good. It may be late for this post today, but I definitely don't want to miss to post my TT entry today. I want to acknowledge God on everything that He did in my life. Before I cite my blessings, I want to highlight this verse:
"Our sufficiency is from God." 2 Corinthians 3:5
...*First and the biggest blessings I got this week is the recovery of my mama. I am really rejoicing over it. I miss my mama and is currently working with my plan to visit her soon.
...*I greatly thank God that I am still on my job. There were a total of 5 persons who were fired since I started working in that company, and I was not sure what was the reason, but this afternoon, before I went home, I was talking to somebody in the office and was told that there is a change of management. I don't know for how long I will be working in this company but one thing I know, God knows my needs. So, I put my job in His hand.
...*I thank God for the good health and safety I and my husband have everyday and on overy activities we are into.
...*I thank God for His the blessings, provision, loving-kindness and grace He showered on us day by day.
...*I thank God for those days that my parents-in-law are with us here in Florida. We enjoyed having them around. We love them so much. We had good time being togethere and we miss them already.
...*I thank God for all the sponsors that I had on my blog and to all who visits my blogs.
Giving thanks to God is more than just words; it is also in action and in thoughts. It is one form of worship to our God. Every single things around us and in us are chances to give thanks to God.


Andrea said...

You have an awesome thank you list! GOD is indeed at work!
Blessings, andrea

Mike Golch said...

I think to two biggest ones on my thank you have to be mt soberity and my blessed marriage to Celestine.we hit our 30th this year.

chubskulit said...

I may join this meme sis, it's great to always thank the Lord for everything!