Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet the Browns, My All time Fav

Guest post written by my buddy Israel Fowler
At this time, my favorite comedy show is Tyler Perry's Meet the Brown's. The character's come from the movie Meet the Brown's which I found to be hysterical. I love the setting of the show; it portrays a typical family situation, where you have extended family and some very odd ball friends living together. Just all trying to get along and go about their everyday lives, but there is usually a lot of head butting that occurs in this group.
The shows main characters are Mr. Brown, who is a very eccentric elderly man who still looks and acts as if he is in the 60's. He wears the most obnoxious but funny mix matched double knit polyester clothing in the brightest colors. His voice and mannerisms are unique only to Brown. Then there is his daughter Cora, who happens to also be the daughter of Madea. Another famous Tyler Perry character, that Brown is constantly making the funniest cracks about. Throw into the mix his nephew the doctor, his niece the nurse and their 2 newly adopted teenage children and you never have a dull moment on Tyler Perry's Meet the Brown's.
I look forward to spending my Wednesday nights with the Brown family; there are usually two back to back new episodes that I can watch on satellite every week. If I cannot watch it when it comes on live, it is definitely set to record on the DVR I got from ExpertSatellite.com , I have yet to miss a single episode of the show since it first aired.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

thanks for sharing your favorite comedy show..

Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 said...

Warkop DKI (local comedian in Indonesia) is my favourite :)