Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jerry Springer Talk Show: An Old Favorite

Guest post of the week by Ferdinand Livingston.
As a child, I remember growing up and hearing Jerry Springer from the living room. My mother watched the show often and I would get sucked into it. I cannot say I fully understood the shows because of my age, but I could see my mother enjoyed it and I valued the time when we could sit together on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn .
Long since those old episodes, Jerry Springer's face has withered with age but his show has developed and grown into something new and exciting. I can remember watching episodes about conjoined twins and being fascinated as a child, but now it has taken a more dramatic turn with content.
I now continue to watch Jerry Springer's talk show in HD since I finally got my satellite dish installation . As a Psychology student, it gives me an interesting look at some domestic situations and motivations. The show continues to inspire me to help people. Jerry's final thoughts are always insightful and mesh the show together around a common problem that is relevant to most people. The cases are extreme, but they relate back to a bigger picture and problem that most people can relate to.


Meandu said...

I stopped watching the Jerry Springer talk show ages ago. I found his shows were beginning to verge on the nonsensical and were way over the top. There was way too much fighting on his show and not enough good conversation going on. Apart from that, I did read some of your other blog posts and found them to be quite interesting.

Da Dude said...

Jerry Springer's program is real?