Thursday, September 23, 2010

Me & My Mama (Reunited)

After 27 months of being here in USA, I thank God to be finally reunited to my family in the Philippines, especially to my mama. Five months ago, she was sick and all my sisters wanted me to come home. I told them that I just got the job then and can't leave for Philippines. Through my sister's and mine's financial support, my sisters and brother's personal assistance' I thank God that she had recovered gradually and by August, I was able to come and visit my mama and happy to see that she is good and well (and her doctor, Dr. Fuertes, testifies of that, too), although she still have to maintain a lot of meds and shots which her doctor said could be lifetime.
I was so thankful for the effort of my older sister Melinda (in Cebu) and her family (especially to my niece, Ramelyn) for coming to Surigao to visit and have our first-ever organized family reunion came true. We had fun and had lots of food, too. It was something that we wished to happen often if we can. It was so good to see the whole family gathered together, knowing each other and felt the warmth of being as one family. Although it didn't turned out as what we initially planned few months ago, but definitely, it was one unforgettable event for the family, especially to me and my mama.
Obviously, (and I am glad to say) that my mama was very happy and feel healthy that I was there to visit her even for just few weeks. She is now looking forward for the next time that me and my husband, Gene, will come to Philippines to visit her again and for our another family reunion. On this good news, it is God who deserves the glory and thanks.


rhona said...
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Cacai M. said...

glad she's fine.. and you guys have fun.. :)

Lulu Post said...

great that you got a family reunion...

I wish i was home too... our whole family are there (minus me ) for my sister's wedding.

rhona said...

hello there grace i really do love what you have written.GODS amazing grace is awesome that no one could so happy that you were able to fly home and be with your mom that was great