Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sending A Letter For My Mama

It has been a week since I came home from my 4 weeks visit in the Philippines. I promised my mama that I would write her a letter right after I got here. She was very anxious to know that I made it back here safe and sound. Although I called her via cellphone, I understand that she still wants to get a letter regularly. That is something that we both enjoyed doing. I might make one tomorrow, but most probably, I could mail it on Monday, and she can start expecting it in two weeks. I hope there are other ways to make the service faster.
In a little more than a month or so, I can then start expecting a reply from my mama. Checking in our bobi mailbox everyday is always exciting. I just got a package from a friend in Michigan the other day and it made my day. I just love the thrill that I feel when I hold a package and start imagining what would be inside of it. The good thing is, I never was disappointed.
Talking about mailbox, bobi mailboxes are becoming common around. Well, I can understand because it got style and figure that you can really say “good-looking”. Mailboxixchange.com got them a lot more of contemporary mailboxes . It is the supplier of the durable and latest style in mailboxes. Hop on in their website now to view them all.

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